ITW Terms and Conditions of Purchase (中文 Chinese)

  1. Acceptance. The Illinois Tool Works Inc. (“ITW”) division, affiliation or subsidiary (the “Affiliate”) identified on the purchase order (“Order”), or if no such entity is identified, ITW, is herein referred to as (“ITW”), and the company selling products (“Products”) or services (“Services”) to ITW is referred to as the (“Seller”). These terms and conditions of sale (“Terms”), any ITW purchase order (“Order”) and all documents incorporated by specific reference herein (“ITW Documents,” together with these Terms, the “Agreement”), constitute the complete terms governing the purchase of Products and Services. ITW HEREBY REJECTS ANY ADDITIONAL OR DIFFERENT TERMS OR CONDITIONS PROPOSED BY SELLER, WHETHER CONTAINED IN ANY OF SELLER’S FORMS OR ON SELLER’S WEBSITE, AND ANY SUCH ADDITIONAL OR DIFFERENT TERMS WILL BE OF NO EFFECT. No site usage agreement or any other click through agreement on a website will have any binding effect whether or not ITW clicks on an “ok,” “I accept,” or any similar acknowledgment. Delivery of a purchase order acknowledgment by Seller, commencement of any work by Seller or Seller’s shipment of the Products will manifest Seller’s assent to the Agreement. Additional or different terms may be specified in the body of an ITW Document or agreed to in writing by the parties. In the event of a conflict, the following order of precedence will apply: (a) terms agreed to in writing and executed by an authorized representative of ITW; (b) ITW Document terms; (c) these Terms.承诺。伊利诺工具公司(“ITW”)分支机构、关联公司或者分公司(“关联机构”)确定的采购订单(“订单”),或者并非此类实体公司确定的订单,视为买方(“买方”),销售产品(“产品”)或者服务(“服务”)给ITW的视为卖方(“卖方”)。这些销售的条款(“条款”)、ITW的采购订单(“订单”)以及以特殊附件形式的所有文件合并为(“ITW文件”,与这些条款,“协议”),组成完整的条款来约束产品和服务的采购。ITW拒绝任何附加的或者有差异的条款或者卖方建议的条款,任何形式的内容或者卖方的网站以及任何附加的或者有差异的条款都是无效的。任何现场使用协议或者通过点击网站的协议都不具有约束力,无论ITW是否点击过“OK”、“我接受”或者任何类似的认可。卖方认可采购订单的交付,卖方开始工作或者卖方装运货物将视为卖方已同意协议。附加的或者有差异的条款可能在ITW文件中详细说明或者双方通过书面协议约定。如发生冲突,优先顺序如下:(1)书面同意的条款和ITW授权代理人执行的(b)ITW文件中条款(c)这些条款。
  2. Affiliates. ITW shall have no liability for purchases by its Affiliates, nor will ITW be regarded as a guarantor under the Agreement. Seller waives any right to assert liens, claims or security interests against ITW or any other Affiliate for the obligations of another Affiliate. However, for the purposes of calculating volume discounts or rebates, if any, purchases made by Affiliates will count towards ITW’s aggregate purchases.关联机构。ITW不承担其关联机构采购责任,ITW也不视为本协议下的担保人。针对ITW或者关联公司对其他关联公司的义务,卖方放弃任何留置权、索赔或者担保利益。然而,为了计算总额折扣或者返利为目的的,关联机构的采购将计入ITW总的采购数量。
  3. Prices and Payment Terms. Prices contained in an Order are fixed. Prices are complete and no additional charges may be added without ITW’s written consent. Such charges include all labor, supervision, materials, overhead and other costs associated with the manufacture, sale and delivery of the Products and Services, including all excise, value added, sales and use taxes. ITW shall pay for all Products purchased hereunder within 45 days after receipt of an undisputed invoice. If Seller breaches any provision of the Agreement, or if any person or entity asserts a claim or lien against ITW relating to Seller’s breach, ITW may withhold from any payments due or to become due to Seller an amount sufficient to protect ITW from all claims, losses, damages and expenses. Seller warrants that the prices charged for the Products or Services or similar products or services are the lowest prices charged by Seller to any other customer under similar conditions. If Seller charges any other customer a lower price for such similar products or services, Seller must notify ITW and apply that price to the Products and Services ordered hereunder.价格和支付条款。所有的订单价格是固定的。如没有ITW书面许可,价格是完整的并且没有附加的费用。费用包括所有的劳工支出、监理、材料、管理以及其他的生产、销售、产品和服务的交付费用,包括所有的消费税、增值税、销售税和使用税。ITW在收到无争议的票据后45日内支付所购买产品的款项。如果卖方违反合同的约定,或者由于卖方的违约导致其他个人或实体向ITW索赔或申请留置,ITW有权保留任何到期款项或将到期款项来补偿ITW的所有的索赔、损失、损害和费用。卖方保证在类似的条件下与其他客户相比,卖方提供的产品或服务以及类似的产品或服务是最低价格。如果卖方提供给其他客户类似的产品或者服务更低的价格时,卖方必须通知ITW并且适用该价格。
  4. Forecasts and Product Shortages. Any forecast provided by ITW is non-binding and not a commitment by ITW to purchase such quantities of the Products. Seller shall promptly notify ITW of any Product shortages or any pending disputes or litigation which may jeopardize Seller’s ability to perform under the Agreement.产品预测和缺货。ITW提供的产品预测无约束力,并且不代表ITW的采购数量。卖方应及时通知ITW产品缺货情况,本协议中任何待定的争议或者诉讼将危害到卖方的履行能力。
  5. Cancellation or Modification. ITW may cancel any Order, in whole or in part, by providing Seller written or electronic notice of cancellation: (a) with respect to Products, at any time prior to Seller’s shipment of such Products without further obligation or liability to Seller; or (b) with respect to Services, at any time prior to completion and ITW will only be liable either (i) for the Services actually performed up to the date of termination or (ii) if payment of fees is dependent upon delivery of deliverables, for the conforming deliverables actually delivered up to the date of termination. ITW may make changes in specifications, materials, packaging, method of transportation and time and place of delivery at any time by notifying Seller. Seller must give ITW prompt notice if the changes affect the price or delivery schedule. If ITW proceeds with the changes, the parties will negotiate an adjustment to the price or delivery schedule consistent with the Agreement. Seller will make no changes to the Product, including the design, materials, manufacturing location, or processes, without ITW’s prior written consent.取消和修改。通过提供给卖方书面或者电子通知ITW可以部分的或者全部取消订单:(a)在卖方装运该产品前的任何时间卖方不承担更多的责任和义务(b)关于服务,在完成前的任何时间内,ITW将只承担以下责任之一(i)实际执行至终止的日期的服务费,或(ii)如果支付的费用取决于交付成果,对符合交付的实际交付至终止日期的价格。通知卖方后任何时间内,ITW可能变更规格、材料、包装、运输方式或者是交付的时间和地点。如果该变更影响到价格或者交付时间的,卖方必须立即通知ITW。如果ITW在变更中,双方可以协商价格或者交付时间以便符合本协议。没有ITW书面许可卖方不得改变产品,包括规格设计、材料、制作地点以及过程。
  6. Delivery. Unless otherwise indicated on the Order, all Products shall be delivered FCA ITW’s designated delivery point (Incoterms 2010). Seller shall use the carrier designated by Buyer and ship and mark the packaging in accordance with the carrier’s or Buyer’s instructions. Title and risk of loss for the Products shall transfer to Buyer upon delivery and acceptance of the Products at the named place of delivery in accordance with the applicable Order. If, in order to comply with ITW’s required delivery date, it becomes necessary for Seller to ship by a more expensive way than specified in an Order, any increased transportation costs shall be paid for by Seller, unless the necessity for such rerouting or expedited handling was caused solely by ITW. If delivery of Products is not or will not be completed by the date indicated on the Order, ITW may cancel the Order by notice effective when received by Seller, purchase substitute Products elsewhere, and charge Seller for any loss incurred. 100% on-time delivery is required. If Seller fails to deliver the Products by the delivery date, the purchase price will be reduced by an amount equal to 1% of the original price for each business day that the failure continues. . ITW is not obligated to accept early deliveries, late deliveries, partial delivers or excess deliveries.交付。除非订单另有约定,所有的产品采用ITW的指定FCA运输方式(Incoterms2010)。卖方将使用买方指定的运输方来装运并且根据买方或者运输方的要求包装标记。根据适用的订单,产品指定的地点交付和接受后,产品的所有权和损失风险转移到买方。如果为了遵守ITW要求的交付日期,卖方为了采用比订单规定的更昂贵的方式运输,任何增加的运输费用将由卖方承担,除非该急件或者加速处理是由于ITW引起的。如果产品不能或者将不能在订单指定的日期内交付的,卖方收到有效通知后,ITW可取消订单,并且可以购买其他替代品,卖方将承担所有的损失。卖方必须100%按时交付。如果卖方不能及时交付产品的,每延误一工作日采购价格将减少原始价格的1%。ITW将不接受提前交付、延迟交付、部分交付或者超额交付。
  7. Inspection / Non-Conforming Shipments. Payment for Products delivered hereunder or acceptance of delivery will not constitute acceptance by ITW of such Products. ITW may inspect 100% or a sample of Products, at ITW’s option, and may reject all or any portion of a shipment if ITW determines a Product to be defective or nonconforming. Products rejected and Products supplied in excess of quantities called for under an Order may be returned to Seller at Seller’s expense. ITW will not be required to make any payment for such Products.检验/不合格装运。交付产品的付款或者接受交付并不视为ITW接受该产品。ITW通过产品100%或者样品的检验,如果ITW确定产品有缺陷或者不合格的可以根据其意愿拒绝所有产品或者部分产品。产品超过订单数量的可以拒绝并退还给卖方,卖方承担所有费用,ITW不承担此类产品的支付义务。
  8. Warranty. Seller warrants that all Products shall: (a) conform to all ITW specifications; (b) conform to any sample or model; (c) be free from defects in design, workmanship and materials; (d) be new and free from liens or encumbrances created by or through Seller; (e) be adequately packaged, marked, and labeled in accordance with ITW’s requirements and all applicable laws; (f) be merchantable and fit for the particular purpose, and (g) not infringe on the Intellectual Property (as defined below) of any third party. Inspection, testing, acceptance or use of the Products will not affect Seller’s obligations under this warranty. Seller’s warranty will run to ITW, its successors, assigns and customers and users of the Products. With respect to Services, Seller warrants that (a) it will perform Services in a timely, competent and professional manner and in accordance with industry standards; (b) its employees and agents providing Services will have the proper skill, training and background so as to be able to perform the Services in a competent and professional manner, and where applicable, shall be certified, licensed or otherwise authorized as necessary to perform the Services; (c) the Services and any deliverables shall conform to any applicable specifications or statement of work.保证。卖方保证所卖的产品:(a)遵守所有ITW的规格;(b)符合样品或模型的;(c)无设计、工艺和材料缺陷;(d)全新的,无留置权或者无卖方设置的债权;(e)根据ITW的要求和所有适用法的规定具有合适的包装、标记和标签;(f)可销售并适合特定用途的;(g)未侵犯第三方知识产权的(定义如下)。检验、检测、验收、使用本产品不影响在本保证下卖方的义务。卖方的保证将适用于ITW的接任者、受让人、客户以及产品使用者。在服务方面,卖方保证(a)及时的、称职的、专业的态度并按照行业标准来提供服务;(b)其雇员和代理人提供服务的,必须具备适当的技术、经过培训以及相应的背景、胜任能力和专业的态度,并经过认证、具有执照或者经其他授权来提供服务;(c)服务和任何交付都符合适用的规范或工作声明。
  9. Remedies. If the Products do not comply with the Product warranty (such Products referred to as “Nonconforming Products”), Seller shall, at ITW’s sole discretion, promptly repair or replace any Nonconforming Products free of charge, or grant ITW a credit or full refund in an amount equal to the purchase price of the Products. Seller is responsible for all costs incurred by ITW in connection with the nonconformity, including costs associated with the unpacking, sorting, examining, repacking and reshipping. Seller shall pay for all recall costs arising out of or in connection with the Nonconforming Products. If Seller is unable to remedy such nonconformity within ITW’s required time frame, ITW may take steps to remedy the nonconformity, and in such case, Seller shall reimburse ITW for any costs incurred by ITW.补救措施。如果产品不符合产品质量保证书的(此类称为“不合格产品”),卖方应根据ITW的要求,及时维修或免费更换不合格产品,或者以产品购买价的金额来退款。卖方承担因不合格产品导致ITW产生的所有费用,包括拆包、整理、检查、重包转和重运。卖方承担因召回产品或不合格产品产生的所有费用。如果卖方不能在ITW要求的时间期限内对不合格产品采取补救措施的,ITW可自行采取补救措施,卖方应偿还ITW产生的所有费用。
  11. Ownership of Intellectual Property. All rights to and in any and all intellectual property existing prior to the date of the Order and embodied in the Products designed and/or manufactured by Seller are the sole and exclusive property of Seller, including but not limited to patent rights, trademarks and service marks, copyright rights and trade secrets (“Intellectual Property”), except with respect to the specifications and all other materials and information provided to Seller by ITW which shall remain the exclusive property of ITW. Seller acknowledges that ITW and its suppliers own all rights in ITW’s names, trademarks and service marks and agrees that Seller has no right and will not use such names or marks in any manner. Seller hereby grants to ITW all right, title and interest in and to any and all Intellectual Property and other materials, ideas, inventions, methods, processes, data, databases and other information created, produced or composed by Seller or any of Seller’s representatives, suppliers, or affiliates specifically for ITW in the course of or pursuant to the performance of work under the Order and any similar previous oral or written agreements with ITW. Seller agrees that such materials are “works made for hire” under applicable copyright laws (“Work Product”), and as such, ITW is considered the author of such works. To the extent any such works are not considered “works made for hire,” Seller hereby waives any rights under the U.S. Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 101, et seq., to terminate this transfer, as well as any moral rights that may exist in the work, including but not limited to the right of attribution and the right of integrity. ITW grants to Seller the right to use the Intellectual Property and the Work Product solely for the purposes of performing under the Order.知识产权的所有权。先于订单或者产品设计及制造之前卖方已存的所有权利和知识产权属于卖方的专属权,包括单不限于专利权、商标权、服务标记、版权和商业秘密(“知识产权”),除了ITW提供给卖方的规格、材料和其他信息仍属于ITW专有财产。卖方承认ITW以及其供应商拥有ITW的名称、商标、服务标志,卖方同意卖方无权及不得以任何形式使用以上名称、标记。卖方授予ITW所有知识产权和其他材料、想法、发明、方法、流程、数据、数据库以及根据与ITW的订单和类似先前的口头或书面协议的工作履行中由卖方及卖方的代理人以及供应商或者关联公司创造、生产或组成所创造的其他信息的一切权利、所有权和收益权。卖方同意根据适用的版权法该材料为“受雇作品”(“工作产品”)。卖方根据美国版权法17 U.S.C. § 101, et seq.,放弃权利,终止转让和工作中的道德权利包括但不限于归属权和作品完整权。为了履行本订单为目的的ITW可单独授权卖方使用知识产权和工作产品。
  12. Confidential Information. All information furnished or made available by ITW to Seller in connection with the Products or Services shall be held in confidence by Seller. Seller will not use (directly or indirectly), or disclose to others, such information without ITW’s prior written consent. These obligations will not apply to any information that: (a) at the time of disclosure was or thereafter becomes generally available to the public by publication or otherwise through no breach by Seller of any obligation herein; (b) Seller can show by written records was in Seller’s possession prior to disclosure by ITW; or (c) is legally made available to Seller by or through a third party having no direct or indirect confidentiality obligation to ITW with respect to such information. Seller agrees that it will not make use of, either directly or indirectly, any of the Confidential Information that it receives or has received from ITW, other than for the purpose for which the Confidential Information has been disclosed.保密信息。ITW提供卖方的产品或服务的相关配方和制作信息,卖方应保密。事前无ITW书面许可,卖方不得使用(直接的或间接的)或者揭露给第三人。该义务不适用于以下信息:(a)在披露时或其后已通过出版物成为大众所知的或者卖方并未违反义务;(b)卖方通过书面记录显示,卖方其所有权先于ITW的披露;(c)依法向卖方提供的,第三方对ITW没有直接的或者间接的保密义务的。卖方同意不会使用任何从ITW收到的或者已经收到的保密信息,无论是直接的或间接的, 除了保密信息已经被揭露为目的的。
  13. Indemnification. Seller agrees to defend and indemnify ITW, its suppliers, customers and licensors, and each of their affiliates, employees, shareholders, officers, directors and agents (“Indemnified Parties”), from and against any and all loss, liability, demand, claim, damage, injury, loss of profits or expense (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of or relating to: (a) any breach of Seller’s representations, warranties or obligations; (b) any act or omission by Seller, its officers, employees or agents (including Seller’s subcontractors and their employees and agents); (c) any claim of infringement or misappropriation of any third-party intellectual or proprietary right, including claims for royalties or license fees, in connection with the purchase, use or sale of the Products; and (d) the death or any bodily injury to anyone, damage to property or any other damage or loss resulting or claimed to result in whole or in part from the Products. Each Indemnified Party may, at its option, be represented by its own counsel in any action, the expenses of which shall be borne by Seller.赔偿。卖方同意维护和赔偿ITW、其供应商、客户和许可人,以及每一个关联公司、雇员、股东、管理人员、董事和代理人(“受赔偿方”)由此产生或者相关的所有的损失、责任、要求、索赔、伤害、利益损失或者费用(包括律师费):(a)违反卖方的陈述、质保或义务;(b)卖方、管理人员、雇员或者代理人(包括卖方的分包商和他们的雇员以及代理人)的作为或不作为;(c)所有的侵犯第三方知识产权的或者专有权利,包括购买、使用或者出售产品有关的版权或者许可费的索赔。(d)人身死亡、伤害、财产损失、其他损失、索赔导致的全部产品或者部分产品的损失。每个受赔偿方根据自己的意愿可选用自己的代理律师,卖方将承担所有的费用。
  14. Insurance. Seller will maintain, at its own expense, the following insurance policies: (a) Commercial General Liability in an amount of not less than $5,000,000 each occurrence and in the aggregate for bodily injury and property damage and $5,000,000 any one person or organization for personal and advertising injury for premises operation, products/completed operations, blanket contractual liability, and broad form property damage; (b) Workers’ Compensation in full compliance with the laws of any applicable state and/or country, at not less than statutory limits; (c) Commercial Automobile Liability for owned, hired and non-owned motor vehicles in an amount not less than $5,000,000 combined single limit; and (d) Employer’s Liability and Occupational Disease in an amount of not less than $5,000,000 each accident for bodily injury and $5,000,000 each employee and in the aggregate for disease. The limits of coverage required may be satisfied by a combination of primary and excess or umbrella insurance policies. Except for Workers’ Compensation, Seller shall include ITW and its affiliates as an Additional Insured on all required insurance policies described above. Upon ITW’s request, Seller shall provide ITW a certificate of insurance evidencing such coverage and requiring no less than 30 days’ advance notice to ITW before any cancellation of such coverage保险。卖方自费采用以下保险政策(a)每个事件、合计的人身伤害和财产损失商业一般责任险不超过$5,000,000美元,任何个人或者组织的前期运行广告伤害、产品及完工责任险、一揽子合同责任和广泛形式的财产损失不超过$ 5,000,000美元(b)职工的补偿完全遵守法律和适用法的规定,不超过法定限额(c)商业汽车责任,为拥有或者雇佣以及非拥有的机动车不超过$5,000,000美元的单一限额(d)员工的责任和职业病数量每个意外伤害不超过$5,000,000美元,每个员工的总的疾病不超过$5,000,000美元。需要覆盖的范围由初级的和超额的或者保护伞政策的组合方式支付。除了职工的赔偿,按上述保险政策卖方以及包括ITW和关联公司作为附加被保险人。在本协议生效之前和ITW的要求后,提供给ITW保险的证明。卖方应提前30天以上通知ITW有关取消保险。
  15. Spare Parts and Special Tooling. Seller will maintain the capability to supply and provide technical support for spare parts for a period of seven years after the delivery of the Products or for a longer period as may be required by law. Seller will give ITW a last time buy option at the end of such seven year period, and shall offer any follow on products that are compatible with the Products. Seller will notify ITW 90 days in advance prior to Seller’s withdrawal of any Product(s). ITW may provide patterns, dies, fixtures, molds, jigs or other tools or directly or indirectly pay for tools for use in making Products (“Special Tooling”). Unless approved in writing by ITW, Seller shall not (i) remove or relocate any Special Tooling, make any changes to Special Tooling; (ii) use the Special Tooling for any other products or any other customer other than for those Products provided to ITW under this Order; (iii) make any changes to Special Tooling; or (iv) reverse engineer any Special Tooling. Seller shall use all Special Tooling solely for manufacturing Products as specified by ITW in writing. Special Tooling shall remain ITW’s property, be segregated from Seller’s property, and be individually marked as ITW’s property. Seller shall maintain Special Tooling in good condition and repair or replace it at Seller’s cost if lost, damaged, destroyed, or otherwise rendered unfit for use. Upon ITW’s request, Seller shall transfer possession of the Special Tooling to ITW free and clear of liens and encumbrances and at the time and place designated by ITW.备件和特殊加工。卖方将在产品交付后的7年或者法律规定的更长的期间内维持供应备件的技术支持。卖方将在7年期末提供最后一次的购买机会并且之后提供与该产品兼容的类似产品。卖方应提前90日通知ITW其回收的产品。ITW直接的或间接的支付相关的费用来提供模板、模具、夹具、或其他设备来生产产品(“特殊加工设备”)。除非ITW书面同意,卖方不得(i)移动或者重置特殊加工设备,改变特殊加工设备(ii) 使用特殊加工设备生产其他产品或为其他客户服务,除了本协议中提供给ITW的产品(iii)对特殊加工设备做些改变(iv)改变特殊加工设备的使用,根据ITW的书面约定卖方应使用特殊加工设备来制造产品。ITW保留其特殊加工设备所有权,从卖方的财产中隔离开,单独标记为ITW的财产。卖方应保持特殊加工工具处于良好状态,如果丢失、损坏、销毁或者其他方式不能使用的,卖方支付修理或更换的费用。根据ITW的要求,卖方将免费转移特殊加工设备所有权给ITW,并且按照ITW指定的时间和地点将无抵押无债权的特殊加工设备交付给ITW。
  16. Consignment. Buyer may notify Seller that it wishes to have Products sold to a location on a consignment basis (a “Consignment Location”). Buyer will deliver to each Consignment Location the quantity and type of Products ordered by Buyer (“Consignment Products”). Buyer will notify Seller monthly of its use of the Consignment Products, and Seller may bill ITW for such use of the Consignment Products. Title to Consignment Products passes to Buyer only after Buyer uses the Consignment Products. Buyer may, at any time upon written notice to Seller, terminate further purchases of Consignment Products for any Consignment Location and Buyer may purchase some or all of the remaining Consignment Products. Any Consignment Products not purchased by Buyer will be returned to Seller at Seller’s cost and risk of loss. All other provisions of the Agreement apply to Consignment Products, except to the extent this section conflicts with any other provision of the Agreement.寄售。买方可以通知卖方其产品寄售地点(“寄售地点”)。买方将其订单产品的数量和型号(“寄售产品”)交付到寄售地点。买方每月通知卖方寄售产品的使用情况,卖方开具账单给ITW。只有买方使用其寄售产品后该寄售产品的所有权才转移。买方可以在任何时间通知卖方终止购买寄售地点的寄售产品,买方可能购买一部分剩余的的寄售产品。买方未买的寄售产品将返还给卖方,卖方承担费用和损失风险。本协议所有条款适用于寄售产品,除非与本协议的其他条款相冲突。
  17. Software. In the event the Products include or incorporate Software developed, owned or licensed by Seller (“Software”), Seller hereby authorizes ITW to sell, resell and or license the Software to ITW’s customers. Use of the Software by ITW’s end user customers shall be subject to Seller’s End User License Agreement, if applicable (the “EULA”). In the event Seller’s end user customer reasonably objects to any provisions of the EULA, Seller shall cooperate in good faith with ITW in making commercially reasonable modifications to the EULA. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and the EULA, these Terms shall govern.软件。产品包含软件的开发、拥有或者卖方许可(“软件”),卖方授权ITW销售、转售或者许可给ITW的客户。ITW最终用户使用软件应遵守卖方的最终用户许可协议(“EULA”),如适用的话。卖方的最终用户可合理的拒绝EULA的某些条款,卖方应与ITW协商对EULA做出商业上合理的修订。如条款与EULA冲突时,本条款为准。
  18. Compliance. Seller agrees to comply with all federal, state, local and foreign rules, regulations, ordinances and laws applicable to Seller’s obligations hereunder and Seller’s manufacture and sale of the Products and Services, including import/export laws, labor laws, and anti-corruption laws. Seller also agrees to comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws, and laws against slavery, human trafficking and child labor.合规。卖方同意遵守所有的适用于卖方的义务和卖方生产、销售的产品和服务的联邦、州、当地和外国法规、规章、条例,包括进出口法律、劳动法、反腐败法。卖方同意遵守所有的适用的环境、健康和安全法律,反对奴役、人口贩运和童工。
  19. Conflict Minerals. Upon request of ITW, Seller shall identify any Products containing tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold and any other mineral that is designated under applicable rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) as a “conflict mineral,” and shall certify to ITW the country of origin of any such mineral or that the mineral came from recycled or scrap sources within the meaning of those terms under applicable SEC rules. If Seller is unable to identify the country of origin, and the mineral(s) in question did not come from recycled or scrap sources, Seller shall in good faith conduct an inquiry of its relevant suppliers as to the country of origin of such Products, and such inquiry shall comply with then-existing standards under SEC rules for the conduct of a reasonable country of origin inquiry. Seller shall also take such additional actions and provide such additional information requested by ITW as may be necessary in order for ITW to be or remain compliant with applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to conflict minerals.冲突矿物。根据ITW,卖方应查明产品中含有的锡、钽、钨、金和其他矿物的需符合美国证券交易委员会(“SEC”)的规则所指定的“冲突矿物”,并且能证明给予ITW的任何矿物的原产国或者来自于回收和报废的矿物符合SEC的适用规则。如果卖方不能鉴别原产国以及报废或者回收的来源的,卖方应真诚的开展供应商调查关于冲突矿物的来源,该调查应遵守现有的SEC规则来处理原产国的合理调查。卖方应采取一些额外的行动并且提供给ITW额外信息,而这些都是非常必要的,为了使ITW能对适用法、法规、规则和相关的冲突矿物的申诉。
  20. Customs. The Seller shall make available to the ITW and any party designated by ITW any and all documents and data necessary to effect customs clearance, including the importer security filing.海关。卖方应提供给ITW、ITW指定的其他方所有的用来清关的文件和数据资料,包括进口安全申报。
  21. Quality Requirements. Seller will comply with all quality requirements established or directed by ITW and shall participate in any supplier quality and development programs established by ITW. [Christian, will this be applicable?] Seller acknowledges ITW’s reliance upon Seller’s expertise. In the event that any of ITW’s specifications or other requirements may result in any negative impact to the Product, Seller shall immediately notify ITW in writing of all ramifications of such direction. Any reviews, audits, inspections, acceptance quality levels, approved vendor lists, bill of materials, or approvals by ITW will not relieve Seller of its obligations.质量要求。卖方遵守所有的ITW设定或指导的质量要求,并遵守ITW设定的供应商质量和发展要求。卖方承认ITW依赖于卖方的专业技术。ITW的规格或者要求可能导致产品的负面效果,卖方应立即书面通知ITW所有的不良后果。所有的检查、审查、检验、验收质量水平、认可的供应商名单、材料清单或者ITW的许可都不免除卖方的责任。
  22. Audit. Seller shall maintain complete and accurate records, books of account, reports and other data necessary for the proper administration of the Agreement on a generally recognized accounting basis. Such materials shall include any rebate programs and any other special pricing program extended to Seller. ITW may audit and inspect Seller’s books and records. If any audit or inspection reveals an error or irregularity in the computation of prices or any other costs, an appropriate adjustment shall be made by Seller. Further, if such audit or inspection demonstrates that an error or irregularity occurred and caused the prices to be computed in Seller’s favor, then Seller shall pay all costs and expenses incurred by ITW with respect to such audit or inspection. Seller shall, at ITW’s request, permit ITW or a third party designated by ITW to have reasonable access to designated areas within its facilities directly relating to the production and packaging of the Products for the purpose of performing production and quality audits. ITW shall conduct any such audit only during Seller’s normal working hours.审计。卖方应保留完整和精确的记录、账册、报表和实施本协议所需的一般公认会计的适当管理的其他数据。这些材料应包含返利计划和涉及到本协议卖方的其他特价。ITW应审查和检查卖方的账簿和记录。如在审查或者检查中发现的计算价格或其他费用的错误以及不当之处,卖方应适当的调整。此外,如审查和检查证明错误和不当之处的发生以及导致价格对卖方有利的,卖方将支付所有的费用以及ITW因审查或检查产生的所有费用。为了审查产品生产和质量的,根据ITW的要求,卖方允许ITW或者ITW指定的第三方以合理的方式进入与产品生产或者包装直接相关的指定的区域。ITW仅在卖方的正常工作时间内审查。
  23. Relationship of the Parties. Nothing in the Agreement or the course of dealing of the parties may be construed to constitute the parties hereto as partners, joint venturers or as agents for one another or as authorizing either party to obligate the other in any manner.双方的关系。除了本协议的采购买卖关系,双方没有任何其他关系,报括但不限于合作伙伴、合资企业或者一方为另一方的代理人或者一方为另一方的授权方而负有义务。
  24. Force Majeure. If the performance by either party or any obligation under the Agreement is prevented, restricted or interfered with by any act of God, fire or other casualty, strikes or labor disputes, embargo, power or supplies, war or violence, acts of terrorism, or any law, order, proclamation, ordinance, demand or requirement of any governmental agency or similar event beyond such party’s reasonable control (each, an “Event of Force Majeure”), such party shall promptly give the other party written notice of the Event of Force Majeure. Delays caused by labor disputes, changes in cost or availability of raw materials or components based on market conditions, or scheduled downtime for maintenance shall not constitute an Event of Force Majeure. No later than 48 hours after the occurrence, Seller will provide written notice describing such delay and assurance of when the delay will be cured. During the delay, ITW may at its option: (a) cancel any Orders and purchase Products or Services from third parties without liability; (b) to the extent available, require Seller to deliver all finished goods, work in process, tooling, and parts and materials produced or acquired for work under the Order; or (c) have Seller provide Products or Services from other sources and at the price set forth in the Order.不可抗力。如果任何一方履行合同义务时,由于不可抗力、火灾、事故、罢工、劳资纠纷、禁运、武力、战争、暴力、恐怖活动或者法律、命令、文告、法令、要求或者政府部门的要求或者类似超出一方合理控制范围内的(“不可抗力事件”)被阻止或限制时,一方应迅速的通知另一方其不可抗力事件。由于劳资纠纷导致的延迟、成本变化或者由于市场条件导致的原材料及组成部件的变化、停工维修将不视为不可抗力事件。事件发生后的48小时内,卖方应提供书面报告说明该延迟以及延迟结束的时间。在延迟期间,ITW可:(a)无责任的取消订单,从第三方购买产品和服务;(b)延长期限要求卖方交付所有已完成的产品、在制品、工具和部件、在制材料或者订单下要求的做工原料;(c)卖方根据订单价格从他处提供产品和服务。
  25. Assignment; Binding Effect. No assignment of any rights or interest or delegation of any obligation of Seller under the Agreement may be made without the prior written consent of ITW. Any attempted assignment will be void. Buyer may assign the Agreement or otherwise transfer its rights and/or obligations under the Agreement. The Agreement will inure to the benefit of and be binding upon each of the parties hereto and their respective permitted successors and assigns.转让;约束力。无ITW事先书面同意,卖方不得转让任何权利、利益、授权义务。任何转让都是无效的。买方可转让本协议或者转让本协议中的权利义务。本协议对各方的许可的继任者和受让方有效并具有约束力。
  26. Remedies and Waiver. Except as specifically set forth herein, all rights and remedies under the Agreement are cumulative, and the exercise of any right or remedy herein provided shall be without prejudice to the right to exercise any other right or remedy provided by the Agreement, by law or in equity. If ITW fails to insist upon strict compliance with the Agreement, ITW’s actions will not constitute a waiver of Seller’s default or any other existing or future default, or affect ITW’s legal remedies.补救措施和弃权。除非特别列明外,本协议下所有的权利和救济措施都是累积的,行使任何权利和补救措施不得损害法律、衡平法和本协议规定的其他权利。如果ITW不能坚持严格遵守协议的,ITW的行为并不构成放弃卖方违约或者其他任何现有的或者未来的违约或者影响ITW的法律补救措施。
  27. Bankruptcy. If either party becomes insolvent, is unable to pay its debts when due, files for or is the subject of involuntary bankruptcy, has a receiver appointed or has its assets assigned, the other party may cancel any unfulfilled obligations hereunder.破产。如果任何一方资不抵债不能支付到期债务的,申请或者进入非自愿的破产程序的,已委任接管人或者已分配资产的,另一方有权取消所有的未履行义务。
  28. Dispute Resolution. Any dispute arising out of or related to the Agreement will be governed by and construed according to the laws of the State of Illinois and litigated exclusively in a state or federal court located in Cook County, Illinois. The parties hereto expressly release and waive any and all rights to a jury trial and consent to have any dispute heard solely by a court of competent jurisdiction. The parties agree that the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods will not apply to the Agreement. If either party commences litigation concerning any provision of the Agreement or if the parties agree to alternative dispute resolution, the prevailing party is entitled, in addition to the relief granted, to a reasonable sum for their attorney’s fees in such litigation or mutually agreed upon alternative dispute resolution, provided if each party prevails in part, such fees will be allocated in the manner as the court or mediator determines to be equitable in view of the relative merits and amounts of the parties’ claims.争议解决。本协议相关的产生的任何争议将根据伊利诺州的法律管辖和解释,并在伊利诺州库克县的州法院或者联邦法院提起诉讼。双方明确放弃陪审团并同意所有的争议听从法院的判决。双方同意联合国国际货物公约不适用于本协议。如果任何一方对协议的条款提起诉讼的或者双方都同意选择争议诉讼的,胜诉方除了给予的救济外,还享有诉讼中或者双方同意的诉讼中的合理的律师费,如果各方都占部分优势的,法院或者仲裁以法律意义或者大多数人主张的公平性为考量将该笔费用分配。
  29. Survival. Any provisions in the Terms which, by their nature, extend beyond the termination or expiration of any sale of Products or Services, will remain in effect until fulfilled.持续有效条款。在规定的条款中,根据其性质在合同终止或期满后仍然有效直至履行完毕。
  30. Severability. If any provision herein is held to be unlawful or unenforceable, the remaining provisions herein will remain in effect.可分割性。如有条款被认为是不合法或者不可执行的,剩余的条款依旧有效。
  31. Integration and Modification. The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between ITW and Seller with respect to the Products and Services, and supersedes any prior agreements, understandings, representations and quotations with respect thereto. No modification hereof will be of any effect unless in writing and signed by the party to be bound thereby.整合与修改。本协议构成ITW与卖方间的有关产品和服务的全部协议,并且取代之前的协议、陈述和报价。除非同意双方书面形式并签署,否则任何修改不具有约束力。