ITW’s e-Sourcing (electronic sourcing) application enables and facilitates the exchange of information between ITW and our suppliers.  The e-Sourcing tool is one way we give suppliers an opportunity to bid and compete fairly for ITW’s business.  The e-Sourcing platform hosts projects such as Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Proposal (RFP), and auctions.  The implementation of this tool changes only the way we distribute and receive project information as the review and award process will remain the same.  Not all ITW sourcing projects will run through the e-Sourcing tool and projects will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What is e-Sourcing?

ITW’s e-Sourcing application is a web-based portal where current and potential suppliers will access bid information for active projects.  The bid questions and/or pricing will be completed online or in an Excel workbook that will be uploaded into the e-Sourcing platform.  Suppliers can access and modify their bid as often as they would like as long as the event is open.  Training materials will be provided to suppliers in order to ensure successful completion of events (please see ‘e-Sourcing Tutorials for Suppliers’).

What are the benefits of e-Sourcing?

  • Reduced overall bid to award time
  • Streamlined evaluation process
  • Increased bid quality and compliance
  • Increased supplier collaboration

Supplier Participation

Our current eSourcing provider is SciQuest®. If you have been invited to participate in an event, you will receive an e-mail containing SciQuest® log-in instructions, including your username and password. Subsequent log-ins can be accessed here.

Support for Suppliers

For technical issues, please contact SciQuest® support at one of the numbers listed below:

English Language Support, call:

United States +1 410-568-3656

UK +44_(0)_2890 166 393

China 86-755-3680-6033

Spanish Language Support, call:

+44_(0)_2890 166 395

German Language Support, call:

+44_(0)_2890 166 369

French Language Support, call:

+44_(0)_2890 166 368

Italian Language Support, call:

+44_(0)_2890 166 394

Dutch-Flemish Language Support, call:

+44_(0)_2890 166 400

Polish Language Support, call:

+44_(0)_2890 166 397

Mandarin-Cantonese Language Support, call:


e-Sourcing Tutorials for Suppliers

ITW Supplier Training
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