A Culture of Innovation


Advanced gas delivery device supports
innovation in consumer electronics

The booming global consumer electronics industry depends on the semiconductor materials used in computers, TVs and audio players, as well as more advanced electronics such as smartphones, tablets, home-theater systems and printerstechnologies that have dramatically changed the way we live and work. ITW’s Brooks Instrument plays a key role in the development of faster, smaller and more cost-efficient microchips critical to future innovation and continued strong growth.

Mass flow controller (MFC) technology controls and measures gasses used in semiconductor manufacturing. But unlike other MFC products, Brooks Instrument’s GF 135 MFC delivers game-changing innovation by using real-time flow error detection technology and advanced diagnostics to continually test device performance. These unique attributes make the GF135 a self-diagnosing, “smart” MFC that verifies accuracy without stopping production of wafers. In the semiconductor industry, ensuring that each wafer produces more quality microchips is important to manufacturers looking to boost their yield and profitability.

By moving quality control from downstream to upstream in the production process, the GF135 improves wafer yield and reduces waste and equipment operation time.

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