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Better product testing,
lower environmental impact

From tiny medical implants to massive suspension bridges, manufacturers must ensure that the structures, products and materials which touch our lives can stand up to the demands of daily use. But multiple rounds of fatigue testing is an energy-intensive process, adding to the environmental footprint created just by developing the material or product.

Instron’s ElectroPuls™ Dynamic Test Instruments offer a game-changing alternative to conventional hydraulic testing equipment with a patented all-electric linear motor technology. It uses only a single phase, plug-in electrical source, is cooled by air rather than water and requires no oil. The result is a quieter, cleaner testing environmentideal for biomedical laboratoriesand savings of over 40,000 kilowatt hours, 210 gallons of oil, and nearly 400,000 gallons of cooling water per machine, over a typical five-year period. The innovative technology also reduces disposable parts, such as filters and hoses, by over 70 percent. What’s more, ElectroPul’s energy savings are achieved without any loss of dynamic performance or precision within sophisticated testing processes.

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