A Culture of Innovation


Beverage packaging that
transformed an industry

In the late 1950s ITW inventor Jules Poupitch was searching for a way to hold soft drink and beer cans together without the flimsy metal clips or heavy wooden boxes beverage manufacturers used. He pushed a few cans into a sheet of plastic and pushed them off a table. To his satisfaction, the cans tumbled down together intact. The idea turned into the Hi-Cone beverage carrier: a simple, yet elegant packaging solution that transformed the beverage industry. Soon after, ITW developed equipment to apply thousands of these carriers per minute in production lines, saving beverage companies millions of dollars annually and greatly reducing the environmental impact of excessive packing.

In the 50 years following the original carrier, Hi-Cone evolved the original design, anticipating the industry’s evolution from glass bottles to cans and plastic bottles and then diversifying with carriers for non-beverage consumables. Hi-Cone developed marketing features used by companies worldwide, such as the Promotional Panel carriers and brightly colored ColorPak® carriers. The newest generation of Hi-Cone machines offers automatic orientation of containers as they are packaged, ensuring that they are faced properly for a consistent brand presentation. Hi-Cone also led the industry by introducing non-toxic, photodegradable material. In UV light such as sunlight, the material used in all Hi-Cone carriers easily breaks apart, eliminating any entanglement risks. Today, Hi-Cone remains a leader in minimal packaging by using thousands of pounds less material than other packaging options.

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