A Culture of Innovation


Greener technology
for the food industry

For over a century improvements, especially automation, have revolutionized the modern food and hospitality industry. However, today’s customers want moreespecially greater sustainability and higher energy efficiency. The innovators at ITW Hobart have answered the call with the most energy- and water-efficient conveyor-type commercial dishwasher yet.

The Advansys™ CLeR warewasher combines new Energy Recovery technology with exclusive Opti-Rinse™ for a combined energy and water savings of more than $11,000 a year. The Energy Recovery system harnesses existing heat: the heat energy already generated by the machine is recycled to preheat the incoming water supply. The system uses automatic timers and cool water finishing rinses supplied through the Energy Recovery System to further save energy. Opti-Rinse technology creates a powerful spray forming an S-shaped pattern across the surface of the ware, lowering the water and energy use by 50 percent. Opti-Rinse also reduces the size of the booster heater required. More completely sanitized, sparkling clean dishes; more savings. Less energy usage; less water usage. Advanced technology that benefits customers and the environment.


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