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High-performance, lead-free
circuit board manufacturing

The introduction of lead-free solder metal alloys to the electronics industrya component essential to the circuit boards used in most electronic devicesoffers important environmental benefits. But the smaller process window of lead-free solder also presents challenges in maintaining temperature consistency during circuit board manufacturing.

Engineers at Electrovert, a division of ITW’s Speedline Technologies business, took on this challenge by designing and developing IsoThermal Chamber Technology™, a new type of convection reflow heating chamber used in circuit board manufacturing. The precisely balanced airflow chamber delivers unparalleled heat transfer efficiency and thermal uniformity to the printed circuit boards. The result is high quality solder joints formed without excessive heat that can damage components.

The patented and award-winning IsoThermal Chamber Technology™ was developed after an extensive process of testing and measuring multiple design iterations. This advanced heating system also opens the door to opportunities outside of the electronics industry, including solar and thermal curing applications.

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