A Culture of Innovation


Hook idea arises
from a need close to home

Innovative product ideas can come from any type of customer. In the case of the ITW Buildex® Tornado Hook, inventor Rich Ernst developed the idea for his daughter. She was trying to hang a mop in her closet and couldn’t hit a stud. Ernst went to work and designed a U-hook that can be installed anywhere on a drywall wallwhether or not there is a stud at that location.

The Tornado fastening threads are designed to positively grip into drywall, in order to provide strength for supporting normal garage (or closet) storage applications, such as shovels, rakes, ladders, and mops. No pre-drilled holes are required. The design is so well crafted that the Tornado hook also works if a wood stud is encountered. The large diameter fastening thread is thin enough to penetrate and engage the stud, without splitting the wood or creating excess installation torque for the installer. Originally, the Tornado U-hooks had the fastener built right on, so the installer simply used a screwdriver to rotate the hook into the wall. Today, the Tornado fasteners are separate components from the hook, to accommodate diverse hook configurations.

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