A Culture of Innovation


Versatility for rapidly changing
electronic assembly

There are many challenges associated with the continued miniaturization of computing devices. ITW Kester’s engineers have worked to meet these demands, creating new interconnect materials for computing devices, graphics processing units, and other devices that contain memory chips.

The recently developed Se-Cure® fluxes allow full integration of memory chips into device builds of varying orientations and complexities, however physically small and complex they become. These fluxes represent an innovative approach to halogen-free chip attachment for high-performance packages. Se-Cure No-clean Polymer Flux is the first to function as a system with advanced underfills. It increases the mechanical integrity of flux/underfill systems while eliminating associated cleaning processes. And this technical advancement will be helpful as the industry moves toward lead-free technology. A product designed with manufacturing customers’ needs in mind: cost effective with a high level of versatility and state-of-the-art functionality.

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