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Next-generation X-ray inspection boosts
food safety, productivity

Food quality standards are coming under increasing scrutiny, and food processing companies must adhere to stringent codes of practice before products land on retailers’ shelves. Engineers at ITW’s Loma Systems, a specialist supplier of metal detection, checkweighing and X-ray inspection machinery, set to work designing a more durable, hygienic system.

The resulting next-generation X5 with Adaptive Array Technology enables new levels of product integrity by identifying and rejecting the smallest contaminants. Market-leading Adaptive Array Technology eliminates the need to specify the diode array pixel size and automatically adjusts to provide up to 25 percent better detection performance.

Companies can easily integrate the new X5 into their processing line. And with the new design, potential areas of contamination are eliminated. The rounded surfaces ensure contaminant particles and washdown droplets cannot accumulate on its surfaces, unlike systems with flat surfaces that can leave areas of contamination. Impermeable cabinet seals prevent water ingress while the solid, tubular 304-grade stainless steel framework is engineered to withstand harsh working conditions.

Loma engineers also solved the problem of lengthy conveyor belt changes by introducing a quick release mechanism mounted on gas struts. The conveyor belt can be changed within minutes, a job that can tie up maintenance staff for over half an hour on other systems. The X5 also come with a “green” bonus: X-ray technology delivers high-quality visual images while minimizing power consumption. A number of cooling options suit individual applications, and the energy-saving heat exchange system offers excellent thermal dissipation.

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