A Culture of Innovation


Simple ideas help the auto industry
take offand keep growing

When ITW acquired Shakeproof Screw and Lock company in the 1920s, the timing could not have been better. Americans’ demand for mass-produced automobiles was rising at an incredible rate. The automotive industry was struggling to keep the screws in their vehicles from jarring loose on the nation’s very bumpy new roads.

Enter ITW Shakeproof’s twisted tooth lock washer. A simple device, the washer was placed under the head of a screw to keep it from loosening. This seemingly small innovation improved the quality and durability of vehicles, not to mention the reputation, of the burgeoning auto industry. From that new product many others have been created, including plastic fasteners that serve a wide range of industrial applications. ITW Shakeproof continues to revolutionize the stampings industry with a diverse and uniquely tooled product line. Their retainers and washers, like the lock washer of 1923, are among the finest state-of-the-art, anti-vibration, anti-loosening, mechanical fastening devices available.

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