A Culture of Innovation


Up-to-the-minute improvements
for advanced miniaturization

It’s critical for electronics makers to respond to rapid changes in the consumer marketplacethey need to speed their products to market in order to stay competitive in a fast-moving industry. The electronics assembly industry must keep pace with complex manufacturing challenges and the need for production optimization.

To this end, ITW’s Speedline Technologies has created high-precision equipment to help manufacturers produce ever-smaller circuitry and meet the demands of miniaturization. The Camalot® Smart Stream™ non-contact dispensing systems for surface mount electronics, chip packaging, and assembly applications accommodates the demand for smaller chips and a higher density of components on the circuit boardall without compromising quality or speed. Material is dispensed without use of a needle, yet retains accuracy and repeatable, fast flow rates. And fewer consumable parts are used.

The Momentum® Series Stencil Printer also uses cutting-edge technology for high volume circuit board manufacturing. The EdgeLoc board-clamping system employs new software controlled pressure, enhancing the Momentum’s printer’s ability to process complex boards quickly, accurately, and with ease.


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