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Learn About The New ITW 3-for-1 Gift Match Program

Launching Summer 2021

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ITW is dedicated to giving back to the communities where our colleagues live and work.  The company’s 3-for-1 gift match program is an employee benefit designed to encourage full-time employees in the United States to support philanthropic organizations.  ITW’s ongoing commitment to the matching gift program is rooted in the company’s core values, Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and aspiration to be a great employer.



This past year, the program underwent a front-to-back evaluation to help identify its strengths, and opportunities for improvement and simplification.

As a result of this audit, we will simplify administration of the program by

  • Outsourcing program implementation, like how other employee benefits are managed.
  • Eliminating use of paper applications (effective April 1, 2021) and transitioning to an entirely electronic application process, greatly reducing the time in which requests are processed.
  • Eliminating use of paper checks by disbursing payments electronically to organizations allowing for more efficient delivery of funds.
  • Simplifying guidelines to be able to fully outsource administration of the program. New guidelines can be found here.

There are no changes to

  • Participant eligibility (remains as active employees and those who retired before January 1, 2016).
  • Match rate (remains 3x your donation).
  • Volunteer hours match (remains $10 per hour up to 100 hours each calendar year).
  • Minimum/maximum donations (remains a minimum of $25 donation to participate. ITW will continue to match up to $5,000 in donation each calendar year).

To execute these recommendations, the program will be temporarily unavailable as of April 1, 2021. As such, the online portal will not be accessible and match requests will not be accepted and processed during this period. The program is slated to relaunch in July 2021, at which time eligible participants can submit gifts made while the program was offline.

Please review the FAQ page for more information on this update, status of applications, and eligibility. For any inquiries not addressed here or in the FAQ page, email