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ITW Industry Completes Safety Initiative

ITW Industry, a construction product and service business based in Glenrothes, Scotland, recently invested £20,000 (about $39,000) in an overhaul of its Cullen distribution platform in Thetford, England.

The new distribution area was redesigned according to guidelines developed by the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association. The guidelines are intended to promote the safe design, installation and use of storage equipment, promote the health and safety of employees and improve business operations.

For example, the floor plan was redesigned with widened, re-spaced bays, resulting in 100 extra pallet spaces. The new racking has been strategically re-stocked with high volume products close to the dispatch area to accelerate picking and shipment of more orders. All orders are now fed to Thetford dispatch from ITW Industry headquarters in Glenrothes via a state-of-the-art live dashboard. The safety retrofit had such a positive impact on operations that ITW Industry has hired a new employee at Thetford to keep up with the increased volume of orders.

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