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ITW Rocol Achieves Zero Accident Record

The health and safety of staff have long been a top concern at ITW Rocol, a high-performance lubricant and floor coatings manufacturer in Leeds, England.

Efforts in recent years have led to reduced risk within ITW Rocol’s working environment, but 2012 was a turning point: company leadership decided to embark on a new, behavior-oriented approach to worker safety.

The program moves beyond safety rules and policy to improve employee attitudes and actions that can jeopardize safety. A wide range of activities have been instituted, from staff training and awareness programs, to reward initiatives, new approaches to feedback and swift resolution of safety issues as they arise. Key to the success of ITW Rocol’s new behavior-based safety program is a self-audit system developed and operated by manufacturing teams.

The results have been impressive: ITW ROCOL experienced zero accidents within its factory site in 2012. The program provides strong testimony to the value of teamwork and ITW’s commitment to employee safety and well-being.

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