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ITW Women’s Leadership Development Council

ITW recently published a white paper titled Corporate Meets Grass Roots: ITW Women’s Leadership Development Council Helps Increase Leadership Diversity and Boost ITW’s Competitive Advantage.  The paper addresses how ITW is meeting the challenge faced by many businesses in recruiting and promoting talented female employees into leadership positionswithout excluding men. The paper details how increasing the diversity of leadership has been proven to not only bring a higher return on investment (up to 26 percent higher), but to also improve a company’s innovation and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

At ITW, the Women’s Leadership Development Council, a group of 15 ITW female executives, was formed partly to address the challenge of moving highly talented women within ITW’s global, decentralized organization onto a leadership track. The paper details the lessons and strategic steps taken by the group to arrive at an impressive result:  ITW’s President and CEO E. Scott Santi committed to doubling the percentage of women in vice president and above leadership positions by the end of 2017.

Read the full white paper, which appeared in our 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, here.