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Growing into a Career at ITW

“ITW has invested in and organically empowered my growth through a strategic and structured process. Throughout each stage of my career, I have been set up for future success.” - Alessio Parente

When Alessio Parente began working on the assembly line at MBM Cooking Equipment 25 years ago, his current role as a research and development manager with the company seemed out of reach. He also didn’t envision his profession becoming a passion, but thanks to a career filled with growth opportunities, that, too, has become his reality.

MBM, a top manufacturer of cooking equipment for the professional catering industry located in Brescello, Italy, has been part of ITW’s global Food Equipment Group since 2000. Read on to learn how Parente has embraced ITW’s entrepreneurial culture and leveraged the company’s training and development opportunities to fuel his full potential.

Briefly describe your career journey.

I started on the assembly line, got promoted to a laboratory position and eventually became a lab manager. I’ve been in my current role since 2014, supporting the European Food Equipment Group. My career is a good example of the growth possibilities available within ITW.

What are your current responsibilities?

I directly lead a team of 10 colleagues but have the opportunity to contribute to project-specific teams across ITW’s Food Equipment Group. For example, I’m currently working on a project with an ITW brand based in Brazil. That collaboration and ability to make an impact across the Group is what I love about ITW. I’m always learning something new while sharing my own expertise.

What advice would you give to someone looking to grow their career?

Take advantage of every opportunity with great humility and determination. At ITW, I’ve made it a priority to learn from team members across the organization. Sharing experiences is a powerful tool.

ITW fosters a supportive, structured environment that promotes the growth of internal talent. Throughout my career, I’ve learned from more senior professionals and now feel an obligation to support younger generations.

How has being part of ITW helped you grow as an engineer?

The primary benefit has been the number of growth opportunities afforded me. A commitment to continuous learning is the foundation of ITW’s entrepreneurial culture. ITW has invested in and organically empowered my growth through a strategic and structured process. Throughout each stage of my career, I have been set up for future success.

What is the best part of being an ITW team member?

The contributions I’ve been able to make to ITW’s collective success. I love my job and I’m proud to play a role in our global impact. ITW has an excellent reputation and I take the responsibility to maintain and grow that standard seriously.

I appreciate the knowledge-sharing that takes place across geographies. From a cultural standpoint, it has been rewarding to collaborate with and learn from team members with various backgrounds and experiences.

Which of our company’s values (trust, integrity, respect, shared risk, simplicity) resonates with you most?

Trust and respect, which are intrinsically linked. Both are authentically represented within our organizational culture. Working with people from various countries with different cultures has helped me gain a greater appreciation of others.

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