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On the Path to Full Potential

"At ITW, I can truly see how my interactions impact all parts of the company." – Jeremy Frederick, Assembly Manager, Loma Systems

Meet Jeremy Frederick, Assembly Manager at Loma Systems. Jeremy chose to pursue a career in engineering at ITW because of the culture, diverse opportunities and ability to ignite his full career development potential.

Why did you choose to work for ITW?

One of the main reasons I accepted my job at ITW was because of all the positive feedback I saw when researching the company. An important factor for me in determining where to work is the culture of the company.

I read so many positive reviews from employees about ITW’s autonomous culture and how it helps you achieve your career aspirations. Another thing that drew me to ITW was the diversity of the businesses within the company. I like that I can grow and excel in my current industry (Test & Measurement), but I also have the flexibility to move to a different segment and gain different experiences.

What excites you about your job?

The thing that excites me most about my job is that I get to work with different departments that allow me to see different facets of the company. My dream job is to be the Chief Operating Officer of a Fortune 500 company, so seeing how all the parts of the business connect operationally really speaks to my passions. 

At ITW, I can truly see how my interactions impact all parts of the company. I am passionate about leadership and I appreciate that my current position allows me to gain leadership experience while collaborating with others to achieve the optimal solutions to problems.

What is your favorite thing about working at ITW?

So far, one of my favorite things is that I have the freedom and empowerment to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Loma Systems has given me its full support when I identify areas of improvement and my plan to implement solutions to solve those problems. 

I have also enjoyed collaborating and learning from my peers within ITW. I am at the beginning of my career, and I have gained a lot of valuable insight from the more experienced engineers and production managers throughout ITW. I have also gained incredible mentors throughout my experience at ITW.

What is unique about ITW’s culture?

I have come to find that large companies often have company slogans and a culture that everyone knows, but that they are rarely applied. ITW is different in that we really do embrace our values here, and you are aware of those values and the impact of them from day one of your job.

Within the first month of your job, no matter what department you are in, you will be introduced to the power and impact of the 80/20 Front-to-Back business model. ITW does a great job of showing through examples how this business model has proven to be successful and how this can help you not only in your professional life, but also outside of work as well.

Describe the people who work at ITW.

Everyone at ITW is very welcoming, encouraging and open. I would also say that my ITW coworkers are very motivated. Everyone knows the goals we need to accomplish and we work together as a team to achieve them. Lastly, I would say that everyone is very friendly and positive.

I think that really speaks highly to human resources and the company’s management. They are not only finding talent capable of performing their jobs, but they are also finding genuinely good people who are encouraging team players and willing to strive for continuous improvement within the company.

What advice would you give students considering applying for an internship or full-time role at ITW?

To students considering applying to ITW, I would say do it, you will not regret it. During my time here, I have seen just how much ITW truly cares about its employees and their career development. One aspect that is great about ITW is its emphasis on diversity and inclusion and how leadership is constantly trying to make the workplace more diverse so that it accurately represents our current population.

ITW also provides great ways to get involved and connected with your peers throughout all the ITW businesses by providing Employee Resource Groups. I have gotten involved in two of these groups, one being the African American Network and the other being the Young Professionals Network. I've had a great time getting to know my colleagues in both groups.  

Lastly, I would advise a student to apply to ITW because your input and what you bring to the table will be valued no matter what your experience level is. ITW sees the benefit that new perspectives bring and makes the commitment to provide you with the resources and guidance you need to excel in your role and grow your career.

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