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Construction Products

A global provider of premium engineered fastening solutions that improve contractor productivity and building quality in residential and commercial construction.

ITW’s Construction Products segment provides solutions that build the spaces where we all live and work. Across the residential, commercial and renovation markets, we lead the construction industry in manufacturing a variety of products for wood, engineered lumber, concrete and steel, including:

  • Innovative fastening solutions
  • Complementary fasteners and accessories
  • Construction design and engineering software

Our world-renowned brands lead in markets where ITW technology can address customers’ needs for increased productivity, quality and high standards for safety, including offsite construction projects. With presence in a variety of end-use applications and markets, ITW Construction is focused on creating differentiated products and solutions around the globe.

Key Construction Brands

Alpine Logo
Itw Buildex Logo
GRK Logo
Paslode Logo
Ramset Logo
Redhead Logo
Reid Logo
Spit Logo
Tapcon Logo
Elemantic Logo
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By the Numbers

Segment Revenue by Geography

APAC & Other (22%)
EMEA (25%)
North America (53%)
$2.0 2023 Revenues (in billions)
28% 2023 Operating Margin
~3,400 Patent Portfolio (Granted and pending as of Dec. 2023)
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