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Specialty Products

An innovative, value-added supplier of solutions for consumer packaging, product branding and other niche industrial applications.

ITW’s Specialty Products segment is composed of diverse businesses whose differentiated and proprietary technology serves customers with specific solution requirements. Businesses in this segment range from:

  • Resealable zippers and six-pack rings on your favorite consumer packaged goods
  • Precision products for the medical device industry
  • Aircraft ground support equipment
  • Coating and metalizing businesses for the product branding and national security markets

These diverse businesses operate in global, high-value, niche markets where ITW’s innovative technology and application expertise provide a competitive advantage for our customers.

Key Specialty Products Brands

Filtertek Logo
Itwgse Logo
Itw Hartness Logo
Hi Cone Logo
Zippak Logo
Diagraph Logo

By the Numbers

Segment Revenue by Geography

APAC & Other (12%)
EMEA (24%)
North America (64%)
$1.7 2023 Revenues (in billions)
27% 2023 Operating Margin
~2,500 Patent Portfolio (Granted and pending as of Dec. 2023)

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