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An industry leader in advanced, solution-focused products, including our arc welding equipment, welding safety and health solutions and specialty consumables that meet critical needs for welding applications.

ITW’s Welding segment designs and manufactures value-added equipment and specialty consumables with leading technology for a variety of industrial applications where weld quality is a critical factor: manufacturing, construction, aviation, agriculture, motorsports and more. Our customers demand quality, reliability and ease of use. We have earned an industry-leading position by manufacturing an array of welding products including:

  • Advanced welding equipment
  • Specialty consumables
  • Safety solutions

Our products help improve productivity and the welding environment in the most demanding applications. ITW Welding also continues to lead the way in addressing critical industry issues like welder safety and health, as well as the shortage of skilled labor.

Key Welding Brands

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By the Numbers

Segment Revenue by Geography

APAC & Other (11%)
EMEA (6%)
North America (83%)
$1.9 2023 Revenues (in billions)
32% 2023 Operating Margin
~4,000 Patent Portfolio (Granted and pending as of Dec. 2023)
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