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Doing More for Communities of Color

ITW’s Employee Resources Groups are an asset to ITW’s diverse and inclusive culture as well as ambassadors in our local communities. In the spirit of “doing more,” ITW’s African-American Network (AAN) stepped up to help the Black community in 2020.

In partnership with Urban League, AAN launched the ITW & Urban League Pandemic Relief Initiative, which raised funds to provide relief to Black unemployed workers, business owners, students and families in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dayton and Houston. The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact in Black communities, particularly in urban areas, leaving this population deeply affected and in greater need of relief and support.

Through the strong advocacy and leadership of AAN, the group’s fundraising goal was met within the first 48 hours of the online campaign – but the work did not stop there. Members of AAN continued to create awareness and encouraged colleagues to leverage ITW’s $3 for $1 matching gift program to amplify their donations. Over the six-week campaign, the group raised a total of $300,000.

“The funds raised by AAN have helped one of the most vulnerable U.S. populations impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, providing essential resources such as online tutoring, job training, coaching, and health and wellness support,” said Kenneth Escoe, ITW Executive Vice President and AAN executive sponsor.

In addition to raising funds, many ITW colleagues donated their time to Urban League, lending their expertise to help individuals and business owners in need of professional support.

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