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Coming to Work on Two Wheels: Hobart Offers a Bike Leasing Plan for Employees

On your bikes, get set, go! With Hobart’s new company bike plan, the Hobart staff can lease electric and conventional bicycles at a favorable price. Thus, the warewashing specialist offers its staff an ecological and healthy alternative to commuting by car. An additional benefit is the unrestricted private use of the leased bikes.

“With this offer, we wish to give our employees the easy, low-cost lease of the bike of their choice through the Hobart bike leasing plan. It is intended as an incentive for our staff to commute by bike and not by car. In particular for short distances, taking the bike makes sense. It is cheaper, healthier and more ecological, and often even faster than the car,” says Manfred Kohler, Vice President Sales & Manufacturing of Hobart GmbH.

From pedelec to mountain bike: Anything goes

The roughly 1,100 Hobart employees in Germany can choose any bike model they want – from the pedelec or the mountain bike to the city or touring bicycle. The employees can lease any brand of bike from any bicycle dealer in Germany. Accessories such as mudguards, kickstands, pannier bags, navigation systems and bike trailers can also be included in the leasing contract.

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