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Supporting Emissions Reductions in Aviation

As shared in our 2017 CSR report, ITW GSE developed the ITW GSE 7400 ground power unit (GPU), a low-emission innovation that utilizes battery power as opposed to conventional diesel fuel. At the time, this cleaner technology was trialed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands with great success and was preparing to go into full production. Today, the battery-powered 7400 GPU is fully operational in some of the world’s busiest airports.

While the design has been updated to a more modern look, the performance of the 7400 GPU has been consistent since day one. Customers are most impressed with how powerful and quiet the product is, all while emitting zero emissions or noise. The 7400 GPU also supports Airport Carbon Accredited airports in achieving their goal of carbon neutrality. When compared with diesel-driven GPUs, the battery-powered alternative reduces CO2 emissions up to 80 percent and NOx emissions by 90 percent.

In addition to the 7400 GPU used for narrow-body aircraft, ITW GSE has begun developing a GPU with the power to support a wide-body aircraft. This iteration is expected to roll out by the end of 2020. ITW GSE looks forward to expanding its technology to serve this customer base and further support the reduction of emissions in aviation.

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