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Clean-Tech Solutions

ITW is committed to making environmentally responsible products that provide cleaner, more efficient end-use applications and proven performance.

Customer-Back Innovation Drives Clean-Tech Solutions

ITW’s long history of innovation is demonstrated by our broad portfolio of approximately 19,600 granted and pending patents, many of which have resulted in cleaner, more efficient and more durable products and end-use applications. Customer-Back Innovation, a key component of the ITW Business Model, starts with understanding and addressing our customers’ pain points. We work tirelessly to understand the root of our customers’ challenges so we can develop and test viable solutions. These efforts also help ITW address our Scope 3 emissions under Category 11: Use of Sold Products.

Across ITW, we partner with our customers to develop clean-tech products that address some of the world’s most important challenges and opportunities. Examples include:

  • Incorporate recycled material, such as post-consumer plastic, into manufactured products
  • Support the growing electric vehicle (EV) and green building markets
  • Reduce energy use, water use, waste or GHG emissions in product use or application
  • Sell testing solutions to customers that enable them to evaluate more sustainable materials for their own products (to enable lightweighting, for example)


ITW’s Clean-Tech Products

ITW provided more than $5 billion of clean-tech products, representing approximately 31% of ITW’s revenue in 2023.

ITW defines clean-tech as products that support overall eco-efficiency and in turn help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their own operations and products.

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